NEL ELEKTRONİK specializes in the supply of laboratory and field test equipment and related hardware as well as their spares and consumables, which are chiefly used by many companies and institutions engaged in delivery of goods and services in the industries of electricity & electronics, physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, medicine, food, environment, metallurgy, textiles, automotive and education. Our product range comprises of widely honored and acclaimed brands of the globally renown manufacturers.

Being in the business for more than 40 years, NEL ELEKTRONİKoffers reliable sales service with its group of expert engineers and logistics staff, all of whom stick to the corporate priority of delivering quality services to its customers.

Please forward your inquiries and requests by filling out the related form on our web page. You may choose to contact us by phone, fax or email as well.

We have redesigned our website in line with our expanding product range as a result of inclusion of new products utilizing newer technologies. We now have a better website structure enabling users to easily navigate between the product groups and pinpoint the equipment they seek quickly. We now have included products’ original data sheets in pdf format apart from the product summaries. You may request assistance from our sales team regarding application support or for building the right systems tailored for your specific application. Your opinions and recommendations about our new design will guide our company in the right direction as we value customer satisfaction above all.

H. Cahit Erkurt

President and General Manager